Menel The Tree House

The D hotels present the new member Menel the Tree House. Over the last few decades the earth pollution increases more and more every year, every day. Earth pollution occurs whenever we pollute our mother Earth and it adds to its overall pollution level. It means all our polluting activities jointly increase the pollution load on Earth. Unfortunately while doing this we forget that this is the only planet we have where we can live otherwise on rest of the planets survival of life is not possible.

Thus Menel the Tree House is the first green hotel in Thassos; the team of Dhotels design and manage all our properties in order to be close to the environment and share the knowledge how to improve our daily routine in order to become more sustainable.

How to Control the Pollution? 

It is one of the most common question when someone looking for Green Hotels. Our moto is “all together we can save the planet” for this most important part of our program is the participation of the guest; throw our properties and more specific Menel the Tree House we plan and organize to provide the most memorable vacation to our guest inside from our facilities that our chain offer and of course the tree house more specific:

Facilities by Menel the Tree House

  1. Located in the center of the second biggest village of the island Limenaria
  2. The most virtual view surrounded from the new port of Limenaria, the nearby beach, the sidewalk with the most traditional and graphically stores and last but not least the most historical architecture building “Palataki”
  3. Design with the most sustainable product during the remake program that was starting the 2017 taking place with the outside and inside main areas renovated and the first pilot rooms in order to get your first feedback before we complete the fully renovation for our ecofriendly plan.
  4. On behalf of the green hotel we provide the follow first green programs
    1. Water saving
    2. Waste reduction
    3. Establishing Recycling Policies
    4. Minimizing their Energy Footprint (ie the amount of carbon dioxide which is emitted at the atmosphere by everyday activities that require energy consumption)
    5. Offering Biological and Local products to their guests
    6. Using Renewable Energy Sources
    7. Building an Environmental Culture and communicating it to staff and guests

  1. Furthermore Menel the Tree House offer
    1. Full equipment rooms
    2. Amenities by D Hotels
    3. Amazing roof garden with Jacuzzi and relaxing area (with appointment)
    4. Breakfast organized under the executive chef by Dhotels in order to provide the local product with all the nutrition values and to travel on flavors of the historical cultural background of the island.
  2. Last but not least the Dhotel program offer to all members
    1. The D app 24/7 guest service; one application free of charge in order to provide the most quick and easy guest service. By download the D app all the guest can enjoy the information about our properties and the island, quick check in, request for any possible wishes, feedback emergency call and a lot more that you can discovery with the free download of the app.
    2. The D events all our member can joy the daily events in order to relax, workout and meet different cultures and histories in our main property Blue Dream Palace in Trypiti beach.
    3. The D offers enjoy and relax in the Swan spa the different discount and packets that is only designed for the members of our hotels.
    4. The D store, in our main property “Blue Dream Palace” you can find signature products, clothes and different accessories next to our D museum.

We are ready to welcome our new members of the Green team in our properties and to offer inside of our quality standards of services the most memorable vacation-cultural trip.


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Contact Information

Tripiti Limenaria, Thassos 64002 Greece

(+30) 25930 53520

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